✍ The Bulbamp: 1 Watt guitar class A amplifier with a light bulb

1 Watt class A guitar amplifier with a light bulb

I've started this project with the idea of designing a solid state 1 Watt guitar amplifier. There are a few projects with similar objectives on the web but I didn't want a IC amp, for instance using the well known LM386. I was looking for some discrete circuit that I could modified to my needs. I also wanted an amp that worked at 9V, so that I could use my pedals power source. After looking or googling about it I didn't find any that would please me.

The basic inspiration came from the amplifiers designed by Nelson Pass and namely the De Lite amplifier. And so I ended up with this 3 resistors, 3 capacitors and a mosfet in a class A configuration and, of course, a light bulb.

An updated version will soon be posted ;)

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