... the Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

Some examples of OpenSCAD models (check the OpenSCAD CheatSheet) and ask away at the forum.

Check here for some files: ./openscad/

Happy hacking!

(insert "") (setq source-dir "~/public_html/openscad/") (setq scad-file-list (directory-files source-dir () "\\.\\(scad\\)$") scad-png-file-list (directory-files source-dir () "\\.\\(scad.png\\)$")) (while scad-file-list (shell-command (format "openscad-nightly -o %s --preview --imgsize 300,300 %s" (concat source-dir (car scad-file-list) ".png") (concat source-dir (car scad-file-list))) "&") (insert "" "") (setq scad-file-list (cdr scad-file-list) scad-png-file-list (cdr scad-png-file-list))) (insert "")

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